Creative Quest Kids’ Classes

Do you have a child between 5-12 who is a budding artist? Or wanting to go on an adventure while stuck at home in lockdown? The Paper Garden is running online art classes to help children embrace their creativity and have a whole load of fun!

Creative Quest will teach your children artistic skills at the same time as taking them on a quest to restore colour and joy to Artland.

Artland has become grey and dreary since the Art Munchers came and stole all the art to bring themselves power.

It is up to the Creative Quest Kids to save the day and bring art back to Artland!!

Creative Quest is a 6 week course which goes through techniques in proportions, shading, charcoal and watercolour. Students will have the opportunity to draw people, animals and nature during the course. There is an art pack you can buy along with the art classes which includes high quality art supplies such as pencils, charcoal pencils, watercolours, a paintbrush, an art diary, watercolour paper and other goodies!

The Art classes are $40 for 6 weeks or $10 per week.

The art pack is $60.

The art pack is not mandatory, but you will need to buy the supplies listed above to take part in the course. If you live within 10km(ish), we will deliver your art pack for free, otherwise there will be a delivery fee.

You can also use your creative kids vouchers for this course!

Sign up below! Once you have signed up, I will contact you with the information to pay.

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