Creative Quest Kids’ Classes

Do you have a child between 6-9 who is a budding artist?

Use your creative kids voucher and they can join a team of adventurers seeking the ancient, lost, golden paint of Art Land. To pass the first test, they must pass through the twisted forest, learning the art of charcoal drawing. Next, they must cross the swirling river, learning how to paint with watercolour. Finally, to find their treasure they must navigate the Ancient City and bring it back to life with acrylic painting.

The workshops will incorporate practical artistic skills, storytelling and play. The classes will be held at 9:30-11:30 Tuesday-Thursday in the second week of the holidays (19-21 April) at Point Clare Girl Guides Hall.

Creative Quest will teach your children artistic skills at the same time as taking them on a quest to restore colour and joy to Artland.

Last year in creative quest, adventurers restored Artland to its former glory after the art munchers (pictured below) had stolen all its colour. This year, our adventurers have a new quest. They must find the lost, golden paint of art land. WiIll the art munchers make a comeback?

It is up to the Creative Quest Kids to find the treasure and bring it back to Artland!!

You can also use your creative kids vouchers for this course!

Sign up below! Once you have signed up, I will contact you with the information to pay.

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