Welcome to WorldWorks! We are running a 3 day workshop at The Book Forest in Niagara Park teaching kids (age 9-12) the writing and artistic skills they need to develop their own fantasy story/novel. The course runs in the holidays and is $150 for the full 3 days. Creative Kids vouchers are accepted. We will be doing all sorts of wondrous things like map drawing, painting watercolour creatures, world building, creating interesting characters and tying it all together with plot. There will be lots of snacks, imagination and fun! I have attached some pictures of some of the incredible artworks some of my primary aged students have previously produced.

Fill out the form below to get a ticket!


Day 1 – World building:

  • Map drawing tutorial
  • Students will learn artistic skills using a fineliner pen
  • Students will discuss (if comfortable) and develop a world for their story to be situated within


  • Students will learn skills in writing about place
  • Students will learn skills in descriptive and figurative language
  • Students will go outside and use their five senses to discuss place
  • Students will have an opportunity to apply their skills and write. description of one of the places on their map

Day 2 – Character building:

  • Students will learn skills in coloured pencil and watercolour painting
  • Students will learn skills in drawing fantasy creatures
  • Students will be encouraged to use their imaginations to develop their own creatures


  • Class will discuss elements of a strong character
  • Students will be given questions to help them create their own characters
  • Students will develop character profiles for their story

Day 3 – Plot development

  • Students will learn about traditional plot structures such as “The Hero’s Journey”
  • Students will have an opportunity to map out the plot of their novel
  • Students will write one key scene from their story


  • Students learn skills in painting with acrylics
  • Students paint the scene they wrote about in the previous session
  • This painting might be considered the “cover” for their novel

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